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This is a selection of projects I have worked on over the past ten years. They showcase my core skills of leadership, innovation, and engineering.

Global Hawk

I served on the DARPA High Altitude Long Endurance UAV Concept Definition Team. I played a major role in defining the payload. The project resulted in the DARPA/US Air Force Global Hawk program - one of the world's most high profile UAV programmes.


I worked with DARPA on the Persistent Operational Surveillance and Surface Engagement (POSSE) program. I was the SAIC capture manager for the competition and won the $5M program. This was a live exercise, counter-IED program that was implemented at Ft Irwin and was first program that defined the IED threat as the network, not the device.

FBI Data Mining System

When at SAIC, after the 9/11 tragedy, the FBI asked me to develop a data mining system for them that would help identify and track the activities of potential terrorists. We developed a very successful system named SCOPE which they used to identify potential terrorists from international flight manifests.

Taiwan UAV Mission Planning System

Successfully developed a UAV mission planning system for the Taiwan Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology

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