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  • As ONR Global Technical Director, I successfully recruited and hired 32 exceptional PhD level scientists and engineers for international S&T engagement over a six year period. I led ONR Global in opening a new branch office in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • I built the Reconnaissance Surveillance Operation of SAIC from scratch to a vibrant $125 million, 500 staff member organization
  • As Technical Director of ONR Global, I initiated an international innovation series of workshops. I executed very successful workshops in Prague, Santiago, and Singapore with active participation by US Department of State, Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Academy of Science as well as many non-US agencies.
  • While at SAIC, teamed with University of Hawaii to win the Maui High Performance Computer Center. Ran the Center for several years.
  • As Associate Director of the George Mason University Center of Excellence in Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence played a major role in establishing and developing the Center into a very successful and meaningful organization. I was deputy to Dr. Harry Van Trees, the Center Director.
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